Theatrical Direction

Broadway’s Future Songbook

April 28, 2014
Lincoln Center's Bruno Walter Auditorium

Christmas With a K

Studio 54 - 54 Below, NYC

The Death of Katie Thompson

Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, Los Angeles

The Death of Katie Thompson chronicles the incredible rise and fall of the most celebrated performer of all time:  Katie Thompson.

This fictional documentary told on stage, in song, and through projected video, creates a reality of epic historical import that leaves us with the resounding question:  What would the world be without Katie Thompson?

Written and performed by an ensemble of  talented artists, this trio attacks the star’s eulogy with fresh wit and crazy energy in a story that spans 5 decades and 122 characters of rock and roll legend. 

The Actor’s Nightmare

Highland Theater, Phoenix, AZ


Mountain View Theater, UT

One Last Thing

Mountain View Theater, UT

Stage Door

Lakeridge Theatre, UT

The Taming of the Shrew 
(Stage Combat & Bullwhips)

Lakeridge Theatre, UT

Creative Direction & Design

R.R.R.E.D. A Secret Musical
Original Cast Recording
Track Listing

R.R.R.E.D. The Musical

Created and maintained graphic design for promotional materials, online presence, social media, written materials, copy for print and online journalism, and a highly effective viral marketing push.
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Original Cast Recording

In-Studio Production, Logo Design, Cover Art Design, Interior Art Design, Album Design


Freelance Graphic Design

Logo design and related materials, integrated design, brand expansion.