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And now, a word from our sponsors.  

Editing, ghostwriting, punch-ups, jokes, and speechwriting do not often add to a resume, since the whole point of the thing is confidentiality and discretion.  This makes it difficult to know whom to hire when your project needs a boost, an infusion of something, or just another set of eyes and a round of challenging questions.

Therefore, in the altruistic spirit of helping you, Adam Pictures is proud to present: 

from people who have hired Adam Jackman to make some words be gooder.

Made me cry on set. Thanks a lot ADAM! You’re one *#^%$~@ eloquent and gifted man... thanks for your words, as always.
— Producer | Film & Commercials | Los Angeles
Adam Jackman is an editor’s editor. His impeccable sensibility for tone, voice, timing and rhythm is unparalleled. When I’m absolutely convinced I have finished a piece, I know I can depend on Adam to lift his pen like a conductor’s baton and tap it lightly, bringing to attention all the characters on the page, and coax them into better order and phrasing. His mastery of language, expertly applied with a comfortable and familiar touch, means that when Adam’s done, the symphony sings itself and thanks him for the experience.
— Screenwriter & PR Copywriter | Los Angeles
To advance a project, it takes skill, vision, and an eye for success. Adam Jackman possesses all of them, but his greatest attribute may be that he is elastic. His ability to reach within a story and pull out depths across the spectrum make him a triumph of wit, emotion, and synergy.
— Film Producer & Director | Chicago
Adam has an extraordinary ability to take something great and make it excellent without changing the author’s intention, focus, or most importantly, their voice. He really absorbs the material as a whole and then works inward allowing his work to go beyond the call of duty of your typical editor. He’s a joy to work with.
— Publisher | Celebrity Autobiography | New York City
Adam Jackman has keen eye and full understanding of story and character development. His ability to streamline plot and dialogue while working hand-in-hand with the creators is insightful and inspiring.
— Actor/Director/Producer | Los Angeles
After several projects together, one of my favorite reasons I like working with Adam Jackman is his sense of humor. Projects can be stressful, and Adam can get right to the truth, to the crux of the problem, nicely tell the non-geniuses in the group that their ideas are terrible, and offer suggestions and creative ideas that have worked marvelously.

We feel so grateful we somehow magically ended up working with you. Thanks for the design work, putting up with all of our crazy personalities, pushing us on the days we needed pushing, revamping our social media campaign, getting us on the radio somehow and then doing all the talking since you were better at it than anyone else, and not blocking us on e-mail and Facebook.
— Community Activist | Utah