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Feature Film Short-Form Rundown for Knife to a Gun Fight, sold to independent film producers.
Promotional materials written by Adam Jackman.

You can also download the first 20 pages of the script HERE.

Knife to a Gun Fight


Joely McCullough is terrified.

She thought her best friend Abbey would always be there for her, understanding and accepting and laughing to the end. She thought Abbey was the only one who knew about her husband, the violence, her plan to escape.

She thought her husband Parker wouldn’t notice her moving her things into storage, slowly, methodically re-decorating her perfect house until all traces of her were gone and it was too late. Joely thought she could get away.

She thought her lover Wes would save her from the perfect-looking marriage, with his solid arms and sure gaze, his easy smile and strong reassurance. She barely blinked when he showed her his bachelor suite – built secretly into a concrete storage unit -- she didn't care. She thought it didn't matter. She thought they were in love.

And an hour outside the city, a dark figure stalks the storage unit hallways and metal boxes, luring victims to a silent, bloody end. Joely thought her connection to this killer would stay a secret forever.
Joely was wrong.


A psychological thriller set in a labyrinth of rolling metal doors and intersecting hallways, Knife to a Gun Fight draws its twists and turns from its fascinating characters, in the tradition of Body Heat, Bound, The Grifters, and Notes on a Scandal.


JOELY MCCULLOUGH (25-30) too pretty to ignore – ever; very physical, athletic; sarcastic, but cute about it; can-do; came from dirt and made it with the rich kids; the girl next door who’ll “carelessly cut you and laugh while you’re bleedin’,” angular features, intelligent eyes young Kathleen Turner/Jessica Lange, Jessica Paré, Ayda Field, Michelle Krusiec, Sarah Polley, Eliza Dushku, Evangeline Lilly

ABBEY JONES (25-30) Joely’s best friend, fit, pretty, dead-on comic timing, good head on her shoulders but grew up with a firm grasp on the silver spoon; more than the average guy can handle
young Meg Ryan, Rachel True, Merritt Weaver

WES CHILCOTT (25-30) dark features; strikingly handsome but not in a traditional way; lean, finely-cut body and good in a fight, protective, menacing and tender all rolled up into one, the white knight with tattoos and a punk band
Matt Long, Cillian Murphy, Brian Maya, Robert Proctor

PARKER MCCULLOUGH (25-30) good-but-not-great looking, reality show producer, a little out of shape, soft, dark blond hair, a passive guy who with a shift of his weight could play the heavy
young Alec Baldwin/Chris Noth, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd with an edge

LAURA CHILCOTT (45-50) Wes’s mother, the loving nurturer who would kill for her kids (and if she killed you, you’d know you deserved it)
Cherry Jones, Leslie Ann Warren, Susan Sarandon, Margie Rogers

DON CHILCOTT (45-50) Wes’s dad, rugged ex-military but quick with a smile and a joke
Brian Cox, Michael Rooker, Tom Proctor

VALERIE MCCULLOUGH (50-55) Parker’s mom, hard and sharp, smart, intimidating
Wendie Malick, Christine Ebersole

SANDY (age open) Suicide Helpline Volunteer, caring, loving, fierce enough to cut you, solid character role

4 VICTIMS (3 men, 1 woman) Various ages with serious acting chops for “kill” sequences

DENNY Denny type

PEGGY Peggy Type

BIBERSTON FAMILY seven kids, perfect Anglo Mormon family in a minivan, mom, dad,

SISTER BIBERSTON (42) minivan mom

SAM BIBERSTON (8-10) the youngest of the minivan clan 

16-YR-OLD BOY (16) boy in crisis (voice-over)

17-YR-OLD GIRL (17) girl in crisis (voice-over)

MIRABELLE (20-25) battered wife (voice-over)

TOUGH GUY (30-45) Guy, very tough, fight scene

TOUGH GUY’S FRIEND (30-45) Another guy, also tough, fight scene

XIAN (30-35) slings sushi and drinks at El Seco Sushi bar in Goodyear, Arizona, kind face on a body that looks like he can handle himself when the patrons get rowdy

VERIZON LADY The voice of Verizon Wireless