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The Synopsis and Treatement for R.R.R.E.D. The Musical's special presentation at the 2009 New York Musical Theatre Festival (NYMF)
Promotional materials written by Adam Jackman, submitted 
February 1, 2008.
R.R.R.E.D. The Musical book by Katie Thompson, Patrick Livingston & Adam Jackman, 
music & lyrics by Katie Thompson.

R.R.R.E.D. (A New Musical)

SHOW ID # 865

Cast of Characters
Victoria O’Hara
GJ Crockett
Various Redheaded Guest Stars

The Oxford Hair Foundation predicts that by the year 2100 the gene that causes red hair will be extinct... and redheads are not taking their impending annihilation lightly. In R.R.R.E.D, (A New Musical) Victoria O’Hara and GJ Crocket, hold a secret meeting with “Instructional Tutorial Musical Lessons” (songs) in an effort to mobilize Redheads, worldwide. With a script born from improvisation, and music that is Blues meets Pop on Broadway; this show is funny, emotional, and destined for world domination. And that, ladies and gentleman... is exactly the point.

The show opens with GJ Crocket, bustling about the theater. He treats the audience as though they are attendees at a secret gardening meeting, but something’s wrong. Soon after, he is joined by Victoria O’Hara as they both report cryptically back to one another and to the unseen forces on the other end of walkie-talkies.
The pair begin with clumsy instructions about gardening, although they clearly know nothing about it. A voice announces “All the doors have been locked and the intruders have been taken care of,” and Victoria and GJ strip off their soft pastel smocks to reveal black shirts and camouflage pants. They proudly welcome members to another meeting of the Real Redheaded Revolutionary Evolutionary Defiance – R.R.R.E.D. and sing the anthem of their organization.


GJ reads the manifesto, unveils a slide show, and Victoria joins him to outline their mission: to ensure the survival of the now-endangered Red Head, predicted to be extinct by the year 2100. In order to accomplish this, they present the first of many Instructional Tutorial Musical Lessons, providing rules for Redheads to follow in order to successfully make more Redheads.

SONG: The Rules

Redheads are an endangered species.
“But you don’t have to take our word for it.” GJ presents the first of three Testimonials, stories from everyday Redheads in the real world, trying to advance the cause.
(Note about the Testimonials. New guest stars can participate each week, singing one of a selection of Testimonials, tailored to their voice, enabling us to draw established talent without a long-term commitment and build audience.)

SONG: Testimonial #1 – I’m Not Pregnant

Goldie Balls tells her story, the opposite of a pregnancy scare. Victoria bristles a little at the tenuous connection Goldie’s story had to her Redheaded Cause, and gets on her soapbox, urging the audience to get out there and procreate. Finally, frustrated by GJ’s well-meaning but constant interruptions and attempts to start the “Procreation” march song, she sends him on “time out.”
The pair’s banter continues as they tackle the difference between love and sex, and the importance of the latter. Victoria gives in to GJ and lets him sing the show-stopping, pew-pounding sex song, the message of which is to let go of the idea that you might love or even like a person, just follow the red hair and get to it.

SONG: As Long as It’s RED

Victoria points out that GJ’s problem is fear. She admonishes him and immediately dives into her strident and defining number.

SONG: Revenge

Upon finishing the song, Victoria thinks she hears something outside. After getting no response on her walkie, she rushes off to investigate. GJ is left alone, apologizing for her crazy behavior. He tries to defend her, being careful not to say too much. He sings that his greatest wish is to work for Victoria O’Hara. “She’s my only friend in the world.”

SONG: Her Assistant

Victoria returns with an “all clear,” startling GJ. She pushes the meeting forward, attacking the all-time greatest enemy of Redheads.

SONG: What Good’s a Blonde, Anyway...

In the second Testimonial, Susan and Beth outline their trouble teaming up to find redheaded men with whom they can procreate.

SONG: Testimonial #2 -- The One/La Unica

Victoria bristles that again the Testimonials seem to veer off-message into personal stories unrelated to Redheadedness. She and GJ present the benefits of membership in R.R.R.E.D. and unveil their “Many-Level Marketing Campaign,” a diamond-shaped non- pyramid scheme that, when the pair finish outlining the membership scheme, looks suspiciously like a double-pyramid.
To encourage members to add to their “Diamond” and find new members, Victoria and GJ offer a song specifically designed to shame family and friends into supporting The Cause.

SONG: The Same

Now that they have presented the facts, the tools, and the money, Victoria moves on to goals, but is interrupted by GJ’s insistence that it’s time for the 3rd Testimonial. Victoria threatens that there will be dire consequences if this song doesn’t relate directly to The Cause to which she has devoted her life.

Song: Testimonial #3 – I Like You

It doesn’t. Victoria bellows at GJ and storms out. GJ starts with the next slide, complains to the audience that “I don’t get paid for this,” and begins singing a deeply emotional song he wrote and Victoria has banned. Mid-song, she enters and hits the roof. She fires him, sends him packing, then cracks a little and tells the audience more about why this means so much to her: there truly are forces at work trying to subjugate Redheads, and she found out first-hand when she woke up, kidnapped with a shaved head in a storage unit.

SONG: Silence is Red

Emotional, she calls GJ back and the two are reunited. They playfully create a song with the audience’s help.
SONG: What Good’s a Brunette, Anyway...
Victoria brings the meeting to a close with a sweet message to all members of her creed, that she and R.R.R.E.D. will always be there in support.

SONG: Your Side

GJ starts singing “Procreation” for the umpteenth time and Victoria, softer toward GJ this time, finally gives in to his enthusiasm and the thumping march of the song.

SONG: Procreation

The song transitions to a reprise of the R.R.R.E.D. anthem.

SONG: R.R.R.E.D. Reprise

When prompted, The Testimonials rise and join the song. Suddenly, two of them are revealed to be imposters, blond- and brown-haired spies! They knock GJ unconscious and drag Victoria off in a burlap sack, leaving the fate of R.R.R.E.D. unknown.