Death Betty

The Epic Pop-Goth Comic Book about Life After Death:  
Betty and Death used to date.  This is what happens after that.

Co-Created by Ryan Winn & Adam Jackman.  Issue # 0 Written by Adam Jackman, Pencils & Inks by Ryan Winn, Colors by Jean-Francois Beaulieu, Edited by Joshua Cozine.  

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SEX + LOVE is a new dramatic-comedy series from filmmaker Kyle Thomas about the complex dating landscape of Millennials.  Hungrier than ever to connect, Millennials have begun an ambiguous dance with technology due to the explosion of social media, texting, and online dating. Yet, as technology becomes even more engrained in our communication, a disconnect has emerged causing both humor and heartbreak for a generation searching for intimacy, companionship, sex, and love. The show follows two twenty-something roommates—a straight woman and a gay man—on their challenging romantic adventures in the city of Chicago and on their ultimate quest to find love in the digital era. - from the SEX + LOVE website

Co-Written by Kyle Thomas & Adam Jackman.  Created by Kyle Thomas.

R.R.R.E.D. A Secret Musical

A Rambunctious, Revolutionary Musical that has been produced and performed all over the place thanks to chashama, the collectiveP.A.S.T. Festival, New York Theatre Barn, Dionysus Theatre, McCadden Place, Grove Theater Center, and NYMF / New York Musical Theatre Festival.

Co-Created by Adam Jackman, Katie Thompson, and Patrick Livingston.  
Music & Lyrics by Katie Thompson, Book by Adam Jackman, Patrick Livingston, and Katie Thompson.  

Soundtrack on iTunes and more show information at

Runaways - Road Trip

Comic Book Script, a pitch for the 2007 re-launch of Marvel Comics Presents.  Written by Adam Jackman, the script ntroduces two new characters to the then-current team of Runaways (created by Brian K. Vaughn and Adrian Alphona).

The Runaways team has changed, Marvel Comics Presents is no more, but you can read Part One of Road Trip RIGHT HERE.

Knife to a Gun Fight


Joely McCullough is terrified.

She thought her best friend Abbey would always be there for her, understanding and accepting and laughing to the end.  She thought Abbey was the only one who knew about her husband, the violence, her plan to escape.

She thought her husband Parker wouldn’t notice her moving her things into storage, slowly, methodically re-decorating her perfect house until all traces of her were gone and it was too late.  Joely thought she could get away.

She thought her lover Wes would save her from the perfect-looking marriage, with his solid arms and sure gaze, his easy smile and strong reassurance.   She barely blinked when he showed her his bachelor suite – built secretly into a concrete storage unit -- she didn't care.  She thought it didn't matter.  She thought they were in love.

And an hour outside the city, a dark figure stalks the storage unit hallways and metal boxes, luring victims to a silent, bloody end.  Joely thought her connection to this killer would stay a secret forever.

Joely was wrong.

A psychological thriller set in a labyrinth of rolling metal doors and intersecting hallways, Knife to a Gun Fight draws its twists and turns from its fascinating characters, in the tradition of Body Heat, Bound, The Grifters, and Notes on a Scandal.  You can download the first 20 pages of the script HERE.

The Accrual

The Accrual is an original novel by Adam Jackman.  Adam Jackman is an American writer living in America.

Year of the Horse

A novel written by Adam Jackman, based on a story by Steve Bauerfeind & Adam Jackman.


A one-hour drama television pilot and series bible, written by Steve Bauerfeind & Adam Jackman.  Check out the Website / Pitch here.

One Last Thing

A stage play written by Adam Jackman.

Project Board:  Inspiration for the world of The Accrual