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The Ensemble
The Bryant Center staff ranges from the born-again Christian to the closet atheist, from the feel-good spiritual guru to the detox drill sergeant. As in real-life treatment centers, most are former addicts, some still struggling with the very demons running through the center's halls. These characters have hit rock bottom and lived to share their stories. No punches are pulled, no feelings are spared, there are no elephants in the room.

The Calvin Bryant Center’s main building was designed by famed Architect, Richard Meier, and completed in 2004. The building’s stone and glass façade reflects the color and tone of the azure Pacific Ocean it overlooks.
Dad planted this tree the year I was born, to celebrate his new family. It’s been through high tide, low tide, draught and drowning, and it still stands. The branches stretch wide in all directions, but they keep growing.
— Julianne Bryant

Julianne Bryant

Author, The Bryant Method and Bryant on the Rocks

Julianne Bryant opened The Calvin Bryant Center to help patients find their paths to addiction recovery utilizing her innovative approach, The Bryant Method. A recovering alcoholic and child of alcoholics, Julianne and her family know the weight of addiction all too well. Now sober for 22 years, Julianne’s pride in life revolves around her two children, Matt and Cassandra, her faith in a higher power and her family at The Calvin Bryant Center.

When the unthinkable happens, Julianne's life becomes a struggle for control. She throws herself into her work, oblivious to her increasingly fractured family life.


Matthew (Mattie) Marshall

Julianne's Son

Incredibly handsome, charismatic, sensitive, spoiled and athletic, Mattie is his mother’s favorite and he wouldn’t have it any other way. Private and protective of his family and his personal life -- and for good reason -- he’s found recent success in modeling and burgeoning fame as a young heartthrob. He has very high expectations of other people and himself, and is not afraid to cut people off if they cross him or his family.

When scandal rocks The Center, Matt's involvement could shatter his carefully protected way of life and, worse still, his relationship with Julianne.

Cassandra (Cassie) Marshall

Julianne's Daughter

Living with her father and his young wife in Manhattan, Cassie is a semester away from a degree in music appreciation from NYU. Rebellious from conception, she is Julianne all over again, and resents her mother for her obsession with "healing" others by controlling their behavior. She is no stranger to substance abuse and self-mutilation, although her parents are blissfully unaware. Her brother, on the other hand, knows her inside and out.

Citing irreconcilable differences with her "step-monster," Cassie once again seizes the opportunity to avoid living in the real world and announces her return to LA. Declaring that "Mom needs me" in light of the recent scandal at The Center, her return is wrought with potential fireworks that may be too much for anyone to take.

Joanna Fisher

Julianne's Best Friend

Joanna is a dinner-party guest without equal, with an informed comment and intimate information on every story from The Wall Street Journal to Page Six. A militant atheist, Joanna admires Julianne's sense of purpose and drive to heal the world, however naive it might be. She has created a lavish lifestyle for herself from her two failed marriages and a cushy development job, but her loneliness is often drowned with a glass (bottle) of Pino Grigio and a late night call to Julianne, her soul-sister.

Joanna is the one person not directly affected by the crisis at The Center, making her all the more eager to roll up her sleeves and get into the mud. She knows how hard this will hit Julianne, and she'd go to hell and back to safeguard her sister's dream. God help anyone who gets in the way.

Recurring Characters:

Senator Calvin Bryant (deceased)

Julianne's Father and Mentor

Father to Julianne and husband to Elaine, Senator Calvin Bryant served New York State as a senator for 22 years before his untimely death in 1979. He was known for his fortune and generosity, his love for Julianne and a stiff Early Times Manhattan. The controversy regarding his alcohol-related death has plagued his memory and his family for decades.

Elaine Bryant

Julianne's Mother

Socialite Elaine Bryant lives in the San Remo Building on Manhattan’s Central Park West. Well taken care of by her late husband’s estate, Mrs. Bryant spends her days shopping, attending art openings and other "obligatory" social events. Overbearing and judgmental by nature, she no longer concerns herself with politics and instead focuses most of her attention on the critique of others…primarily her daughter, Julianne.

Grant Marshall

Julianne's Ex-Husband & Host of "The Marshall Treatment" on CNC

Grant’s afternoon cable talk show “The Marshall Treatment” is watched by more viewers than Larry King and Anderson Cooper combined. He is a hard-hitting and respected journalist who prides himself on unearthing The Truth. He loves his family, although his relationships with his children from his first marriage are distant at best. He'll always love Julianne and knows her better than anyone, although it took him years to realize he could never compete with Calvin Bryant and The Center that bears his name.

River Bryant

Julianne's Dog

Given to Julianne as a gift form her son, Matt, Labradoodle River Bryant is named after notorious actor, River Phoenix. Given that he is incredibly well behaved and doesn’t shed, River is the perfect match for Julianne, her super-structured life and her compulsively clean and stark beach house.

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